How Long Does Steel Siding Last?

When choosing a type of siding, many homeowners choose aesthetics over durability, leaving their home vulnerable to future repairs. Many are unaware of the residential siding that is durable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and high-quality. Residential steel siding checks each of these marks, while still being aesthetically pleasing. Continue reading the blog to learn about the durability and longevity of steel siding.

Steel Siding Durability

When it comes to durability, steel comes in first place. Our high-quality, thick steel siding comes from heavy gauge steel. This type of material stands against hail and extreme storms far better than its competitors. Steel siding is less likely to dent, bend, and scratch.

When selecting steel siding, it’s important to remember that all steel siding brands do not produce the same quality of material. As you discuss the options and different brands, question the finish on the product. Steel siding isn’t as durable as it could be if it is lacking a quality finish and paint combination, such as Klauer’s proprietary texture finish and CoolPaint Technology™. A combination of this finish and paint will reflect the pigments in the paint to increase the energy efficiency of your home and protect it from years of wear.

Steel Siding Longevity

Steel siding has the ability to last up to 50 years or more with proper maintenance and care. Although this material requires less maintenance than its competitors, it’s still important to occasionally check for potential damage.

If you recently had severe weather in your area, now is the time to examine the exterior of your home. Any panels that become damaged to the point of bare steel exposure, should be immediately replaced to prevent further damage. If the panel itself can be salvaged, you may just need a new coat of paint and primer.

The professionals at Spotless & Seamless care about the investment you have made in our steel siding. As added protection, your steel siding comes with a lifetime warranty by Klauer that covers normal weather wear and tear such as cracks, blisters, and flaking, as well as hail protection.

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