Mound, MN

Spotless & Seamless Exteriors is a Minnesota siding contractor providing Mound, MN residents with high quality, durable material and stylish exterior design. SSE uses seamless steel siding to ensure you have less maintenance work over the years and a beautiful exterior that does not fade. SSE offers multiple styles to suit any homeowner’s needs:

Platinum Seamless Siding

  • Stylish, bold, and energy-efficient.
  • Available in multiple colors that will not fade or chalk over time.
  • Coated with corrosion resistant material and a DuPont Teflon coating.
  • Colored with Ceramic hybrid paint finish technology.

Mountain Cedar Seamless Siding

  • Durable steel siding with a textured look of wood.
  • Captures the natural hues of cedar.
  • Comes with Limited Lifetime warranties against manufacture defects, hail, and fading.
  • Available for installation in any season.

Northwoods Collection Siding

  • Low-maintenance, natural-looking log siding.
  • No woodpeckers or termites burrowing their way through your walls.
  • No rotting.
  • Does not require continual wood staining or varnish.

Why choose steel siding over other siding materials?

Unlike vinyl siding, seamless steel siding is custom cut to fit your home without seams. Seams break up the contour lines of your siding and can cause a home’s surface to appear choppy. Wind, rain, and pests could sneak into the cracks of vinyl siding, but seamless steel siding will seal the walls of your home. This saves you money on heat, maintenance, and paint in the long run. Steel siding is a more affordable, lower-maintenance option to fiber cement siding.

Benefits of steel siding include:

  • Color retention
  • Dent, chip, fire, moisture, pest, and wind resistance
  • Recyclable and safe material (no harsh chemicals)
  • Seamless fit
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability up to 50 years

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