Garden Windows

Let your home's unique personality shine.

Garden windows are distinguished by their unique dimensional design and multi-purpose functionality. These three-dimensional windows project out from the exterior wall of your home, with the bottom panel serving as a shelf for plants or other decor.

Imagine showcasing your treasures in the sparkling warmth of a Garden Window from Spotless & Seamless Exteriors.

Featuring side-venting casements that open and close with ease, Garden Windows are often installed in kitchen areas over sinks. They will actually make your room feel larger, and provide ample space for you to display keepsakes. A Garden Window can also allow your kitchen to bloom year 'round with beautiful flowers or lush plants, while contributing additional sunlight and warmth to your home.

Spotless & Seamless Exteriors installs only top quality Garden Windows that are designed with a weather-tight seal to keep unwanted moisture and air out. They are available in either Traditional or Architectural "bent glass" styles. Our windows will retain their beauty for years because the durable, maintenance-free vinyl used in making them won't rot, chip or peel.

Garden Windows & Installation Services

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